euro 2012

euro 2012

The Euro 2012 is here! It’s fun, dynamic and you never know which team will win. The thrill of the unknown is so exciting. I admire the way the fans support their teams – there’s just so much passion involved. I believe that nails are an extended medium of expression; they are my way of supporting the event.

Amongst the 16 competing nations, I chose the flags that were most executable on nails (lazy me): Denmark, England, France, Italy, Sweden, Ireland and Germany. I strategically placed Poland and Ukraine on my thumbnails, as they are the hosting nations. Secretly however, I support Spain, whose flag is much too detailed for me to execute yet.

nails inspired by the Euro 2012

Coincidentally, my first nail art experience was in 2006, where I also did flags – that time for the FIFA World Cup. Imagine that!

For 6 years, I have been changing my nail art quite frequently. I’m inspired by a little bit of everything: current world events, sports, seasonal colors, friends’ ideas, fashion trends and, of course, my ever-changing mood.

Here, I will be sharing my favorite pastime with you.


4 thoughts on “euro 2012

  1. Those are really beautiful. As for the flag of Spain, I think if you just painted the stripes and not the emblem, you’ll be doing a pretty good depiction of Spain’s flag.

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