matte about it

2010- when the world saw those chic matte nails walk down Alexander Wang’s runway. click here

2011- when I heard that this even existed!

Pardon my innocence, but India isn’t exactly bang on trend when it comes to nail art. It is truly an investment if someone like me wants to get her hands on a special top coat, a ridge filler, or even if it is a rapid dry top coat. A matte top coat was just too out of reach.

ESSIE Matte About You

If you are looking for something new, something different, this is the way to go. I thought I might try out a few designs that I came across by fellow bloggers. The contrast of shiny and matte was just spectacular!

(left to right) FACES Plugged In and DIOR Tuxedo Blue with ESSIE Matte About You top coat

Trust me, it is difficult for me to sit down still in one place doing absolutely NOTHING after having applied nail polish, but every second is worth it for this! I love the way this top coat has the ability to completely transform any look. Try it on top of a metallic/ glitter polish to achieve an absolute stunner for nails!

But one word of advice… you have got to apply it perfectly, or else all the mistakes will show. So take your time, but do try it =)



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