olympics 2012

It’s another world cup for football and hockey fans, a grand slam for tennis fans and an equally important event for all other athletes worldwide. Now you see, I’m not the kind who will be supporting a specific nation, but instead, I am the kind who is just awestruck with the strength, power and determination each and every athlete brings forth to the table every time. This is WAR.

If you are not looking forward to any of this action and are just waiting to see the fabulous costumes of the gymnasts and their make-up, then pampering yourself with a themed manicure might be just what you need to show the world you care about the Games too!

Go to GOOGLE and do a quick search on Olympic inspired nail art. Found thousands of designs? Well, I wanted to think of something fun, spunky, unique yet evident that it is the Olympics that I am talking about. I didn’t want to use any nail stickers (can’t buy them off the shelf in India anyways) and instead made a design that was abstract and SUPER easy!

Olympic Games 2012 nail art

I am still working on honing my skills to get neater at nail art, and what better time to practice than sitting in-front of the tele and watching the finest athletes of the world compete for glory! Bliss!


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