I’m the Batman. Tonk kaboom zoink koom kaboom boom crash ping thwok zzzip wallop! Smack koom kerplunk zzzip zoink tonk roar whack whack. Snap thwok tonk zoink zoink tonk boom wham zap wham vrooaaaa pop blam wham roar pow. Crack vroom screeeeam crash koom smack ping zzzip snap snap! 

Onomatopoeia [on-uh-mat-uh-pee-uh] noun; the formation of a word, as cuckoo, meow, honk, or boom, by imitation of a sound made by or associated with its referent.

“It was Crane who pioneered the use of onomatopoeic sound effects in comics, adding “bam,” “pow” and “wham” to what had previously been an almost entirely visual vocabulary. Crane had fun with this, tossing in an occasional “ker-splash” or “lickety-wop” along with what would become the more standard effects. Words as well as images became vehicles for carrying along his increasingly fast-paced storylines.” click here

I recently saw the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises and boy was it fantastic! I was wondering, when was the first time onomatopoeias appeared on screen? Here is a little trivia for you… In the 1960s TV series Batman, comic book style onomatopoeias such as wham!pow!, “biff!”, crunch and “zounds” appear onscreen during fight scenes. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!

Model’s Own POW! collection

Model’s Own has a set of nail stickers up for sale that is representative of this comic era and I found it to be the perfect time to do a mani dedicated to the Caped Crusader.

I was petrified before putting these on my nails, as I had never used them before, but they are seriously the easiest things to use. A 5-minute makeover that lasts weeks! What else could you ask for? It is a pity that these stickers are available nowhere in India (I hope someone from Sally Hansen/ OPI/ Model’s Own/ many others are reading this) because they would be a HUGE hit! With the women of today having no patience at all when getting their nails done, this serves as the best possible solution.

Have you experimented with nail stickers? Do share them!


2 thoughts on “batman

    • I was scared too, but remember, there are always extras in the pack just in case you make a mistake! Also, the best part about these is that you can stretch them to fit you nail perfectly. I got my confidence by looking at a few YouTube videos. They really help!

      Good Luck!

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