My parents just came back from a vacation to USA and came back with a bag full of goodies full of e-namel paraphernalia! It was an early Christmas celebration for me =)

One of these goodies was DEL SOL colour changing nail polish. It was something I had never seen before. I was aware of artificial nails that change colour in the sun, but never a polish that did an even better job! I really have no knowledge about the science that goes into its transformation, but when a nude colour becomes a bright pink in sunlight, you can be sure to see me outside a lot longer than normal.

DEL SOL Peek-a-boo in the shade (left) and in the sun (right)

When it comes to the latest innovation in nail polish, India is FAR behind. Every time I do a quick search as to what brands like OPI, Nails Inc. and ESSIE are doing, I keep wondering why are NONE of these fabulous products available in India? Magnetic nail polish, nail stickers, correction pens, guide tapes, dotting tools… I WANT THEM ALL! I usually do my share of shopping on all my vacations, but then I tend to start rationing them because I know I will not find the same product anywhere local. And online shopping is ridiculously expensive for international shoppers like me. HELP SOMEONE!

For all you nail enamel specialists out there- you have a buyer in me =)



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