formula one

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull
2011 Qualifying – 1st, 2011 Race – 1st

“The Spa circuit is defined by the surrounding nature and it’s one of my favourite tracks. I was very happy to have won there last year. Spa offers every type of racing corner; ultra-fast, medium-fast and slow chicanes, that alternate with fast straights. The difference in altitude and the unpredictable weather really make the track a big challenge – and it’s one that every racing driver loves to compete on. It’s good to be back after the summer break.” click here to see what others have to say.

It’s true. Spa is every driver’s favourite track, the ultimate test for all F1 drivers. Adding fuel to fire, it almost always rains on every race weekend! For some fans, Monza comes first because of the sheer speed and lack of overtaking opportunities, making pits stops and race strategy vital. That doesn’t highlight the drivers’ capabilities much. As for the Belgian Grand Prix, it’s got the pace, the turns the strategy and inevitable crashes (we all like a bit of excitement in a race!).

My love for Formula 1 started at a very young age. Thanks to my Dad and brother who used to always hog up the television during every race weekend! But over due course of time, the sport grew on me, and today, I can proudly call myself a FAN. Having supported Michael Schumacher when with Ferrari, there is still a special place for him in my heart but it is difficult for me to decide who I am rooting for today. Vettel is a genius, Button has hidden talents (but his association with McLaren is what puts me off), Räikkönen is BRILLIANT but needs to be put in a better car and as for the Ferrari team of today… I still cannot understand where they are going wrong!

The Thames by NAILS INC. (grey), White-O-White by FACES and ESSENCE nail stamp

I thought this to be the perfect time to show my love for the sport. The sound of the engines when line up on the starting grid, he smell of rubber on the tarmac, and the excitement of the crowds even when half of them are unsure as to who just zoomed past! My nails are just a small way of showing just that. With the red and white curbs at every chicane and the much-awaited chequered flag, I don’t think I need to explain myself any more.

So with the summer holidays over, its time to go back to the Formula 1 paddocks of one of the most iconic races of all time!


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