autism awareness month

They celebrate April as Autism Awareness Month. Is it really awareness that they should be targeting or is it Autism Acceptance?


“If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn” 
― O. Ivar Lovaas


“…Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder that typically lasts throughout a person’s lifetime. People with ASD have problems with social and communication skills. Many people with ASD also have unusual ways of learning, paying attention, or reacting to sensations. It is part of a group of disorders known as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). In most cases its causes are unknown. Today, 1 in 110 individuals is diagnosed with autism… ” read more


It is a completely different experience when the disorders you read about stare you in the face. Autism is one such disorder that I never really understood until I met my cousin. He has a very limited speech, but is very artistic.

DIOR Red Royalty, ESSIE Mezmerised, Nails Inc. Carnaby Street and RIMMEL Sky High

Here is my tribute to the cause. The next time you meet someone who is a little different than the people you are used to, try treating them the same. It can only do you good =)

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