barclays premier league football

The English football season kicks off on Saturday, 17th August 2013.

20 teams, 380 games, and countless number of goals scored. Ladies and Gentlemen (well, mostly gentlemen) I present to you the Barclays Premier League Football nails!

FACES Tinted Red and Valentine, Barry M Foil Effects 320, Model’s Own nail art pen, Nails Inc. Carnaby Street and FACES Ultime Pro Snow White


I had been trying to get the Premier League Lion for the longest time, and finally did it!!! (sorry for the poor picture quality)

FACES Ultime Pro Snow White

FACES Ultime Pro Snow White


So here is a beginners guide to the game:

The Barclays Premier League (commonly known as the English Premier League) launched in 1992. Consisting of 20 teams, each club plays their opponents twice in a season, one match home and the other one away, equaling 38 matches during the course of the entire season that runs from August through till May.

The top four teams qualify for the UEFA Champions League, where the best teams from Europe compete against each other from the group stages (in September) through to the final also in May. The teams that finish in the bottom three of the standings each season are relegated to the second tier of English soccer, known as the Championship.

The top 4 teams of the league are:

  1. Manchester United – known as the Red Devils, possibly the most famous club till date 
  2. Manchester City – too much money to spend on players
  3. Chelsea – they call themselves  The Blues, and are on a slow climb to reach the top of the league
  4. Arsenal – The Gunners play the most beautiful football, but unfortunately, it doesn’t get them too many trophies.

So who will you be supporting?


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