dark side of the moon

This post is a little different. Done solely on the request of a friend. Yes, I do love the music of Pink Floyd. But no, I am not the die hard fan. So naturally, it wasn’t right for me to sit down and write the post. I asked him to say a few words while I did my nail art tribute to celebrate 40 years of the Dark Side of the Moon and Roger Waters birthday!

SPOILED Correction Tape, FACES Gothic Matte with ESSIE Good To Go top coat, FACES Valentine, FACES Ultime Pro Mandarin, SEPHORA picnic in the park, and ESSIE Mesmerized

So, I present to you Abhinav Rai:

First time you come across this name, you wonder what it means. Its a peculiar name, definitely. You wonder what kind of music will hit you as you press the ‘Play’ button for the first time on a Pink Floyd song. Maybe you can compare your first Floyd song to your first beer. Everyone tells you its good, you have your first sip, find it really bitter and wonder why everyone calls it good but as you get used to it, you realize its not about the taste but the effect. The music grips you, surprises you, makes you love it, can be scary at times and it plays with your mind.

Formed in 1965 in UK, the original lineup consisted of Syd Barret, Nick Mason, Roger Waters & Richard Wright. David Gilmour joined the band in ’67, and Syd Barret departed in ’68 due to health issues. Its tough to describe Pink Floyd’s music. They have formed a sound of their own, maybe a different genre. Its beautiful, melancholic, sad, dark & ecstatic at the same time. If you are listening to an album, its a more of a journey. Maybe they came up with the idea of a ‘concept album’: the whole album revolving around a single idea, but I am not sure. The Wall explores Roger Waters angst & frustration against the fans, where he imagines building a wall between himself and them, whereas Dark Side of the Moon revolves around the band’s views on conflict, greed and more of an ode to their former band mate and founding member, Syd Barret, who was struggling with mental illness.

Dark Side of the Moon might be their most interesting and darkest album. The album art might be the simplest out there, depicting the phenomenon of dispersion which every child studies while in school.It is pretty simple, showing a prism but its also one of strongest and famous artwork out there. The music takes you through a journey, and its tough for you to not get lost in it. It has been 40 years since this album was released, and its tough to imagine how such spark of brilliance continues to reach out to millions of music lovers out there, especially when ‘music’ is being put out on the streets at such fast rate.

What do you love about Pink Floyd?


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