valentines day 2014

Last year, I gave you a brief history lesson about Valentine’s Day here. This year however, I shall introduce you to what I call Post Valentine Disorder.

The condition wherein, a few days after Valentines, the florists are trying to sell off those red rose bouquets as the ‘apology bouquets’ to say “I’m sorry”, the gift stores are wondering what to do with the extra stock of “Will you be my Valentine?” cards and teddy bears, and the couples who did not manage to do something special for their loved ones stress over how to make-up for a lost day.

Feels good to be single and happy right about now doesn’t it?

For my nail art, I took the unconventional route. No pinks and no reds. Just the Tiffany blue colour and hearts with a bit of bling. Now isn’t that what every woman would want?

ESSIE Turquoise and Caicos

How was your Valentine anyways?



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