ovarian cancer awareness month

I am not a doctor, nor an oncologist, but I do know for a fact that ovarian cancer in any shape or form changes the life of a woman.

She might be the richest, wealthiest, most beautiful, most famous in her group of friends. She might also be the girl next door. You would never know.

Ritu Bedi is one such woman, she is a survivor and this goes out to her. She has taken the sole responsibility to raise awareness and her campaign has grown in the hundreds within a few weeks! Follow her here to become one of her Teal Warriors 🙂

Rimmel London Green With Envy

The month of September is dedicated to this cause. Living in a world where information is freely available (start learning about it here), it’s high time we try to help as many of our own as we can. There is no better time like now.

So sport the colour teal on the 5th of September and share it with the world #WEARTEALDAY. Show them you care, and drag a few friends along with you too.

ovarian cancer month

FACES Ultime Pro Sandcoat- Lyon

I’m going to be at Moonshine Cafe & Bar, New Delhi painting the place teal, and all of you are invited to do the same!

If you did it for Breast Cancer Awareness, or Movember, there is nothing stopping you now. Every little helps 🙂

Spread the teal!






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